NEW! BACOBAN DLUS is multi surface cleaner disinfectant which utilizes a new concept named “Controlled Release Technology.” It is a globally patented and highly advanced surface disinfection process.

Traditional alcohol based disinfectants have wet times, BACOBAN DLUS has a 5 minute contact time. Using BACOBAN DLUS involves spraying on the surface, wiping with a preferred cloth and leaving undisturbed to dry for 5 minutes. When BACOBAN DLUS is applied, it leaves a thin layer on the surface that is measured on the nanoscale of measurement. This microscopic layer is not seen nor detected by touch.

BACOBAN DLUS does not allow the formation of biofilm or build-up of any kind. BACOBAN DLUS is free of any ZERO VOC (volatile organic compounds), fragrance free, water based, biocompatible, dermatologically tested & MADE IN CANADA.

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