NEW! BACOBAN DLUS is multi surface cleaner disinfectant which utilizes a new concept named “Controlled Release Technology.” It is a globally patented and highly advanced surface disinfection process. Traditional chemical products and procedures have wet kill times, but once the agent dries or evaporates, the killing action for pathogens stops. This is not true with BACOBAN DLUS as it does not allow a biofilm or build-up of any kind. When BACOBAN DLUS is applied, it leaves a thin layer on the surface that is measured on a nanoscale of measurement. This microscopic layer is not seen nor detected by touch. Other common chemicals like Quaternary Ammonia, Alcohol, Hydrogen Peroxide and others eventually become inactive when they evaporate until the next cleaning. This period of risk exposure is known as the Hygiene Gap. During the “Hygiene Gap", pathogens begin to multiply and transfer to surfaces, thus leading to cross-contamination. This proven process of Controlled Release Technology makes Bacoban the only product in the world to allow for advanced cleaning and disinfection, and provide consumers a new level of health protection.

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